Sermon, The Sunday of the Resurrection, April 17, 2022

Isaiah 65:17-25;         Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24;         Acts 10:34-43         Luke 24:1-12

“Christ is risen, the Lord is risen indeed”. Alleluia!

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. One of the things I have not figured out in this part of the world is rabbits laying eggs around this time of the year. Where I come from laying eggs is limited to chickens. Nonetheless, the egg is a symbol of the tomb in which Jesus’ body was laid. In the egg shell is the embryo that opens after 21 day and we get a chick leaving an empty shell. The image of what the women found when they went to the tomb.  It was open, empty and new life had emerged.

Today we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. If Jesus was not raised from the dead, there would not be a Church of laity, deacons, priests, bishops and Archbishops, or members of the religious orders. Without resurrection, all churches should be closed and we should go away.

We celebrate Easter after three years and, are called to proclaim the resurrected Christ by giving, caring, loving and serving. Mother Teresa said, “Together we will do something beautiful for God”. Let our hearts turn to God, source of joy, happiness, and life. Let us follow the one who is risen from the dead.

The New Testament records something that spectacular happened, and was made known to the disciples who had hidden in the upper room following the arrest, torture and crucifixion of Jesus who is the manifestation of God and the center of our Christian life. By resurrection, Jesus is what he said he was.

Jesus’ resurrection reveals that the world is not ultimate even though it is beautiful and interesting. It is not perpetual. Everything passes away and eventually comes to the end. Resurrection is indicative of the fact that, there is more to this world. Resurrection brings us to the other that there is.

By resurrection, Jesus won the power of tyranny that oppressed, tortured, looted and used “fear of death” to exercise absolute power with impunity over their subjects. Romans used to hang people on the cross to terrify those who opposed their rule. The worldly powers seemed to win when Jesus was hanged on the cross. Yes, the disciples and all who saw Jesus doing miracles were disappointed to see him die on it.

Resurrection showed that no one is more powerful than God. The cross was no longer a means of assertive power and authority. No wonder Christians gaze at the cross, the symbol of victory over evil. The cross is no longer a symbol of shame and death, but the power of God to save and give everlasting life. Tyrants do not have the final word. God’s love, grace and mercy is more powerful than the sword, lance, bombs, missiles, tanks, war planes, war ships, and the fear of death.

The resurrection of Jesus is the path of salvation to all God’s people. It is the completion of God’s salvation plan for the world. Resurrection is Jesus’ final act of human redemption. Jesus who come into the world through his mother Mary by incarnation and lived amongst mortals to accompany us through our troubles, and was later exulted when he was raised from the dead.

Today, we celebrate God’s unfailing love for the whole world. We affirm the new commandment that Jesus gave to his disciples at the Last supper to love one another. We rise with Jesus as the Church of God to a life of commitment, service for all, and love for all. Today, we affirm our faith in God through Jesus Christ who came to redeem and save the world. Christ is risen and so shall we.