Red River Churches Refugee Team

St Clements mourns with the community of the sudden death of Don Forfar in early January , 2022.  We send our love and condolences to his family.




We are delighted to tell you that on November 27th, our fourth family arrived. They are a family of four: Sohail (Dad), Sana (Mom), Ashley (Dtr) and Moses (Son). The parents had escaped from Pakistan 8 years ago and hid in Bangkok, were they had both children (6 & 7 years old). They had to hide, as the Thai Government has a bounty and reward for turning in illegals. The reason that they had to escape from Pakistan was that because Sana had converted from Islam so that she could marry her Christian husband, Sohail and this is against the law. A Moslem woman converting means at least six years in prison, but more likely, murdered by family members (husband too). They are a wonderful family and so grateful to be welcomed into our community.


Recently, I received word that our fifth refugee sponsor will arrive on December 16th. He is one of the sons of the first two families that arrived here on July 27th, 2016. Five years ago, I started the application process to sponsor him!!! Please pray that new Covid restrictions don’t hold him back, any longer


With the Covid restrictions, we haven’t been able to lead our normal fundraising. Please consider giving a donation. St. Clements Mapleton is one of the twenty-four churches engaged in this ministry. Please make your cheque to: St. Clements Mapleton and put RRCRT or Refugees in the Memo line.


Take care and thanks,

Don Forfar, Chair