St. Clements Church has a very warm and loving heart.  We come together to celebrate God’s goodness and to grow in God’s love.  St. Clements is a parish that is fortunate to have people with many different gifts and personalities.  We have served the area since 1861 and we are still strong in our love for God!  Our sister Church is the Parish of St. George Wakefield, located within a 20 mile drive near Petersfield, and our Link Parish is the Parish of St. Paul Maddu in Central Buganda,

The people of St. Clements come together to celebrate God’s goodness and to grow in God’s love. Our work with people help us to grow and maintains a long tradition that we inherited from our ancestors with whom we share the same faith.  Our Parish is committed to reflecting who we are and how we need to express our faith to God. We have a desire to form a strong sense of unity and identity, encourage congregational development, communicate efficiently, reconcile and heal, and engage in stewardship of time, talent, and money to form partnerships with the wider church. We all come together to worship as a congregation and to reach out to community with our regular service at 11:15am and our earlier service at 7:30am.  Please contact the office at (204) 482-9486 or email us at stclementsanglicanchurch@gmail.com  for any further information.


Baptisms are held throughout the year for those wishing to bring themselves or their children forward to signify their intention to participate in the special gifts and care that God gives through the Church.  If you are interested in Baptism please contact Mawejje at (204) 482-9486.


Regular confirmation classes commence in the Fall. If you are seeking to be confirmed please contact the office at (204) 482-9486.


If you are looking to be married, please contact Mawejje at the Parish office to make arrangements for marriage preparation classes.

Christian Burial

The death of a loved one is a traumatic time for all concerned.  The clergy and members of our parish are there to offer comfort and support. Our graveyard is an inter-denominational grave site. It is cared for by staff all summer with the planting of shrubs and flowers, and the grass is mowed on a regular basis. In the winter, the snow is kept clear.  We offer plots or niches in the Columbarium, in our beautiful church yard.   Contact the Churchyard office at (204) 482-7237 if you require additional information.

Bible Study

Rev. Ken Pawluk holds a regular Bible study group in the Spring and in the Fall.  Please watch the Church Bulletin and our website for dates and times.

Choir and Music Ministry 

If  you are interested in singing and/or joining our choir, please contact us.

Do you play an instrument?  If you are interested in joining our music ministry, please contact us at  stclementsanglicanchurch@gmail.com.  The Parish of St Clements loves music, and we would be glad to have you join us!

Server’s, Reader’s, Greeter’s, and Cup Administrant’s

We have many members of our congregation who do readings, serve, and greet us and we are always looking for more! New members are always more than welcome.  If you are interested in any of these areas, please see Mawejje or a Vestry member.

Mission and Outreach

The Mission and Outreach work is tremendous in our Parish!  Our Community Outreach consists of Adult Education, Selkirk Food Bank, Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, Habitat For Humanity, Youth for Christ, Nova House, Selkirk and District General Hospital Gift Shop, and the Selkirk Community Art Centre.  Contact the church for information on any of these Community Outreach projects.

Our Link Parish

St. Clements is linked with the Parish of St. Paul Maddu, from the Diocese of Central Buganda, Uganda.  The Parish Priest is the Venerable Canon Shadrack Kiwuuwa.  We regularly write and receive letters from them.  Our correspondent is Lorraine West.  If you would like to have something added to the next letter please contact Lorraine.

Our Sister Parish 

Our sister parish is the Parish of St. George, Wakefield.  The parish is located on # 9 highway between Clandeboye and Petersfield.  Mawejje shares his time between both parishes.  Their service is at 9:15 a.m. every Sunday and they would warmly welcome you!

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