There are 4 methods for you to continue to send us your offertory at St Clements, or to make a one time donation:

1) Set up an E Transfer directly from your bank account to the church by adding the church email as one of your contact payees on your E Transfer list. The church email is as follows:

We will be notified when you make a donation which will be added to your yearly total

2) Mail your cheque to
St Clements Anglican Church
1178 River Road,
St Andrews, MB R1A 4A1

3) Call the office 204-482-9486 to arrange to have your donation picked up

4) Call the office 204-482-9486 to request and arrange for a Pre Authorized Debit form.  This will allow your designated deposit to be made directly to St Clements, either weekly, semi weekly, or monthly.

Thank you