150th Anniversary



Grand Gala

Celebrating  the 150th Anniversary of

St Clements Anglican Church, Mapleton

And 158 Years of Ministry




The first organizing meeting of our anniversary committee was held on May 11th, 2010 to sound out ideas and events for our anniversary year of 2011. The Main events of course will be on November 12th, 2011 Anniversary Dinner and November 13th 2011 Anniversary service  with our guest of honour being The Primate of The Anglican Church of Canada, The Rt. Rev. Fred Hiltz, who was booked back in 2007 for this event.

Sept 16, 2010   Report to Vestry A New Years Eve celebration will Kick off our Celebration Year and will be held in the Parish Hall on December 31st, 2010 starting at 6 P.M. with a Pot Luck Supper. Entertainment will follow from about 7 till 9 PM.   Tickets will be $ 5.00 and available to the first 100 people.

Committee people have met with Lucinda from Prairie Stained Glass regarding a Thanksgiving stained glass window for the Church in thanks for everything that has taken place over the past 150 years.     DEDICATED BY THE ARCHBISHOP AT THE SERVICE.

The Gala Event of our Celebration will take place on November 12th, 2011.  in the Memorial Hall in Selkirk, MB at which there will be a catered meal by Ludwicks catering. Entertainment by the Simpsons Follies  Our Primate, The Rt. Rev. Fred Hiltz will be our honored guest and will bring greetings, along with our Bishop Donald Phillips.  Tickets will be $50.00 per person. The committee feels that there is Value for your Dollar and this would be what you would pay for a nice dinner out. Included in our costs is the catering, hall rental, sound system, decorations, center pieces, entertainment, 2 bottles of wine per table (no other alcohol available).

A Celebration Service will be held on November 13th, 2011 and the Celebrant will be our Primate, The Rt. Rev. Fred Hiltz.

December 31st, 2010.    Our New Years Eve party was a huge success with about 80 people attending. A pot luck supper was served and music was supplied by Ed’s Old Tyme Band.  Everybody in attendance was pleased with all that took place and are looking forward to another party on December 31st 2011.

150th Anniversary Report to Vestry April 2011

The full size mock up of the Stained Glass window is ready for approval.  We have an appointment with them on Wed April 27th in the evening to go in and approve.  Shirley, Mawejje, Linda McKenzie, Sandy and myself will be going in.   

The Provincial Grant applications will be announced on April 21st, so we will know at that time if we were successful in attaining $1000.00 towards the cost of the window

A $500.00 donation was received from the RM of St Andrews as a result of our request to them.

The “Guess the Parishioner” pictures seemed to go over well, 1 person has handed it back.

Next event is the Family Fun Day, Saturday June 18th from 12 – 8 pm


A letter has gone to the RM requesting they close St Clements Drive from the highway to River Road, and River road from St Clements Drive to the South side of the Mapleton Lane drive way.

The day will run from 1-8 pm, and will be broken down as follows, weather permitting:

From 1-4 pm in the green space West of Mapleton Lane to the highway we have confirmed

Bouncers for the kids

Pony rides

Face Painting

Fish Pond

A&W Root Bear

“Those little Donuts” vendor will set up with donuts, popcorn and coffee

We request that the small tent be put up there, and our concession will be under it in case of inclement weather.  Concession will be BBQ hamburgers & hotdogs, chocolate bars, ice cream and drinks that will be sold at a minimum cost.

We currently have letters out requesting attendance by some of the Khartum Temple Komedians for the children. The Khartum Komedians have responded that they will attend with some clowns for a donation to the Shriners Hospital. After their May meeting, they will tell us how many can attend. (That donation can be made from our outreach fund as per Ray & Mawejje). As well a letter has been written to the Khartum Vintage cars division to park their cars for display. We are waiting for their response from them.

In the main parking lot in front of the church, we will have a large rental tent for our 3  entertainers.

Todd Hunter Band from Wpg

Brian Mayo and Company

Barry & Brenton Thorvaldson a father & son guitar and fiddle ensemble

All are coming at no expense to us except we offered them a free supper at the Pork Roast.  It will be advertised for people to bring their lawn chairs.

The 3 entertainers will alternate starting about 3-5 pm, they will stop at 5 for the Pork Roast, and will start again at 6, and each band will play 1 more time each until about 8 pm. 

The Historical Society’s will bring a display of their old Vintage Cars that we will park as a display for people to come and see.  The owners will stay with their vehicles to answer questions.  As well we  are waiting on word from The Selkirk/Interlake Vintage Tractor Club who may also be interested in bringing their machinery to park for a display (depending on weather).  Both of these should be a great attraction to draw people to St Clements for the day

There will be no charge for the attractions that day, only a charge for the Pork Roast as usual.  Donations will gratefully be accepted in the tent for the entertainment.

The Church will be open for tours

We are waiting on word from The Lower Fort Garry Volunteer Association regarding people dressed in period costume to be at the church that day.  They may also bring some artifacts, like fur pelts etc with them to display in the church.  Anyone from the congregation who would like to dress in period costume that day will be welcome.

A letter was sent to the St Andrews Fire Department to see if they would come and man the concession for us that day to let the Parish members enjoy themselves. They have responded and   6-8 of the fireman will attend and help us flip burgers, mind the concession or help in any way we need them.  

We have asked Guertin Equipment for the use of their 8 person people mover/golf cart to help transport people from 1 area to the other if required. They have not responded yet.

We now have 100 travel mugs to sell at a profit at a cost of 10.00 per mug with the anniversary logo.  Money can be paid to any members of the committee. Sale of the mugs will bring in a 500.00 profit.

Information on the Family Fun Day will start flowing to the parish with this report to Vestry.  Info will go in the parish bulletin, posters will go up and we will request newspaper coverage of not only this event, but the celebration of 150 years at St Clements.    

Tentatively in Sept George Freeman has offered to set up his Old Time Photo booth in front of the hall, and take pictures at a reduced rate of 20.00 for 2 people in a picture.  We may make arrangements and would like to have tea and pie served that day.

The 150th Gala is all booked for Saturday Nov 12th and we will continue to bring you additional information after the Family Fun Day. The same applies to info regarding the Celebration Service for Sunday Nov 13th.

Lastly, a Banner has been made for the Church.  Measurements have been taken and the banner is the same size as the existing 1861 banner that hangs on the left hand side of the altar as you are standing looking at the altar. This quilted banner has been made by Brenda Flett at Bobbin and Spool at a cost of $200.00.  The Freeman family has very generously offered to cover the cost to have this banner made. It will be decided where the banner will hang


Lorraine West    


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